Digital Alert Systems Improves DASDEC-II LC

News out of the NAB Show includes Digital Alert Systems offering new DASDEC-II LC units.

The low-cost units, designed for small operations and LPFMs, are the DASLC+ and DASLC+R. Thanks to additional inputs and an extra expansion slot they will accept more source inputs while still providing basic EAS/CAP decoding functions and emergency audio switching.

Digital Alert Systems Vice President of Business Development Bill Robertson noted that the new units “provide customers with the best possible value for their money while meeting all their requirements.” He added, “The DASLC+ models … [supply] the higher input capacity that many low-power stations require, without additional features — and costs — they don’t need.”

The “+” models are four-channel units and the expansion slot can handle optional EXP-EAS, EXP-GPIO or MPEG-2 input options. The “R” model has an integrated receiver for AM/FM/WX reception.

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