Gates Goes 192

GatesAir, the new face of much of Harris Broadcast’s hardware, has announced that its Intraplex IP Link is capable of distributing 192 kHz signals over IP.

Chief Product Officer Rich Redmond said, “Broadcasters are interested in the higher quality audio signals that AES-192 transport can achieve, as it eliminates analog conversion processes that can degrade signals as they pass through the air chain.”

He explained that the goal was to “reliably carry a complete bitstream coming out of the on-air processor and packetizing it via IP, all while applying forward error correction and redundant streams.” This should save broadcasters money, he added, by “requiring less conversion equipment, while maintaining the best possible signal integrity.”

GatesAir says the output should be compatible with Omnia, Orban and Wheatstone processors. GatesAir explains, “This flexibility ensures that broadcasters aren’t locked into using a specific solution, freeing them to use their preferred processing platform to maintain a high-quality digital signal across the entire transport change.”

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