New Monitors From Dynaudio Professional

Dynaudio Professional is showing new members to its BM mkIII range of powered studio monitors.

The latest models are the two-way BM Compact mkIII (shown) and the BM5 mkIII.

The Compact mkIII uses a 5.7-inch woofer with an aluminum voice coil and a 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter with an aluminum voice coil. Twin 50 W Class D amplifiers power the drivers. There is a high-pass filter (60/80 Hz) and an input sensitivity switch (-10/+4 dB). It includes XLR and RCA inputs.

Expected frequency response is 49 Hz–24 kHz.

The BM5 mkIII carries many of the same features. Its drivers are a 7-inch woofer with aluminum voice coil and the 1.1-inch tweeter. Frequency response is claimed at 42 Hz–24 kHz.

A bonus — both monitors ship with an IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 speaker stand.

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