Tascam Offers Time

 Tascam CG-2000
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Audio equipment maker Tascam has a new clock generator family, the CG series.

There are three members — CG-1000, CG-1800 and CG-2000.

The CG-1000 is the base model with 12 word clock outputs, two S/PDIF outputs and two AES/EBU digital outputs. Two of the clock outputs can output multiples of 1/2Fs, 1/4Fs, 2xFs, 4xFs, and 256x the selected sampling rate.

The CG-1800 adds video clocking (NTSC, PAL and tri-level HD) — one video input and four video outputs. Tascam says that the CG-1800 also has an onboard analyzer function to “measure input frequencies, levels, and termination to assist troubleshooting in large facilities.”

The CG-2000 has all the previously mentioned features of the CG-1000 and CG-1800 and adds a redundant video input, a redundant power supply and a GPO for tally alarms and monitoring systems.

All units share a high-precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator, jitter management and reclocking circuits, 10 MHz input for rubidium and GPS clocks, 32–192 kHz sample rates, USB port and front-panel security lockout.

Expected prices: CG-1000 — $1,299; CG-1800 — $1,699; CG-2000 — $2,999

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