Day in the Life

Navigating the Translator Filing Maze for AM Stations
FCC window opens July 29 for AM stations to file for an FM translator More

Test Equipment Keeps Getting Smaller and More Capable
A trip down memory lane reveals just how much our RF test gear has improved More

Circuit Modeling Can Provide Clues in Troubleshooting
Sometimes a good circuit model can point you to a hidden smoking gun More

FCC Rules on Non-Directional Antennas
Does this decision affect a lot more than one station? More

When Is a Non-Directional FM Antenna Directional?
How far is too far when using antenna mounting to skew an ND pattern? More

Off-Air Reception Can Be a Challenge in Studio Facilities
For best results, make wise choices in antenna and distribution system components More

DIY Projects Fill the Gap in Specialized Applications
Sometimes, you just need to “roll your own” More

Experience Brings Important Lessons About Tower Work
Five things to look out for with tower maintenance contractors More

Don’t Forget Those Recertification Measurements!
With basic test gear, a good engineer can knock these out pronto More

New Antenna Protection Rules Are a Win
The FCC has finally enacted these welcome changes More

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