Day in the Life

A Good Studio Lease Requires Good Engineering
By dealing with key issues in the negotiation process, you set the tone for a successful move More

Make Good Choices for Studio Success
Plan ahead for a new studio location to avoid common mistakes More

New Transmitter Building Requires Real Engineering
A plan, plenty of help and good weather keep a complex job on track More

How to Prepare to Model Your AM Array
Practical Tips to Guide You When Considering the Use of Moment Method Modeling More

A Return to In-House Repair
With Budgets Tight, Dust Off That Workbench for Some Savings More

Am I a Radio Engineer or Just a Security Guard?
Crime Takes a Bite Out of Engineering Schedules and Budgets More

Misconceptions About Computer Modeling of AM Directional Arrays
Making the AM Band a Better Place to Be More

FM HD-R Implementation Options Abound
While people may tell you that one option is “best,” the truth is that the most suitable option for your site is only determined by careful analysis of the situation. More

HD-R Processing Trickier Than Analog
HD Radio audio processing has a lot in common with conventional broadcast air processing, but the HD path processing does depart considerably. More

Shared Use of Transmitter Sites
For the past several months, we have taken a hard look at just about all the aspects of co-locating broadcast transmitting facilities with other broadcast and non-broadcast transmitting facilities. More

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