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Rings, Stubs and Rototillers
There are numerous FM antenna designs commercially available with various characteristics. Types include the panel with crossed dipole, ring, ring-stub, slanted dipole and "rototiller." More

Rigid vs. Semi-Flexible Line
In the case of FM antenna systems, there generally are two choices for transmission line types: rigid and semi-flexible. More

Finding Suitable Transmission Line
A broadcast engineer designing an FM transmission system has a number of choices for transmission line size and type...The factors that enter into this decision are transmitter power, line length and antenna gain. All three factors are somewhat variable. More

Proper Installation Ensures Long Life
Little thought is given to proper transmission line installation in many cases. A bag of cable ties or a box of Wraplock in the tower rigger's pouch is deemed sufficient to secure the line to the tower. Most radio engineers have seen transmission line installations where little more than electrical tape or cable ties were used to secure the line. More

FM Systems: Open Your Eyes and Take a Look
In most cases, once a transmission line and antenna have been installed on a tower, little thought is given them until something goes wrong. More

Be Militant About Reradiation
You Can Takes Steps to Protect AM Antennas Against Reradiating Structures More

An Alternative to Traditional STL
In the Coming Years, the ISM Band May Well Become a De Facto Broadcast Auxiliary Band More

Close-In AM Field Intensity Measurements
In the March 2 issue, author Buc Fitch discussed field intensity measurement methodology. Here, Cris Alexander expands on Fitch's discussion of ND surveys. More

'Capable' or 'Ready' for Digital?
The First in a New Series of Hands-on Tips About HD Radio Implementation More

Prepare Your STL Path for HD-R
For a lot of stations, STL and AES issues are major considerations in the HD Radio conversion process. More

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