From the Editor

KIRO Radio Accidentally Saves American History
A confluence of favorable circumstances led to preservation of an invaluable audio resource More

AES70: Plug It In and Control It
The standard defines an Open Control Architecture for media networks More

Bop Mics, SNMP and Security Dogs
Here’s a bouillabaisse of spring show flavors, trends and impressions More

Rich Rarey and His Stupid Pi Tricks
Just because the Raspberry Pi can be an FM transmitter doesn’t make it a good transmitter More

FCC Seeks to Raise Profile on Pirates
Commission hopes education will help in this ongoing game of Whac-a-Mole More

From Radio Girls to #FoodPorn
From my bookshelf, four titles to stimulate your media senses More

Why It Doesn’t Look Good for OTA
Consulting engineer Bob Culver finds digital radio’s data capacity lacking More

Radio Is a Muscular Mass-Reach Medium
In-car audio is “huge,” Westwood One notes, and AM/FM is the big boy on the block More

Vinyl-Res, Hi-Res and Tower-Res
Vinyl sales are up, high-resolution audio sounds great, and your tower has a new Advisory Circular More

Public Media as Critical Services
Pubcasters can seek help from FEMA after emergencies or natural disasters More

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