Guest Commentaries

Staying Relevant in the Face of a Technology Scare
Information in diverse formats is fundamental to MindsEye’s ability to stay relevant in the new technological climate More

We Need Better PPM Field Tools
I would like to see Nielsen provide us with better and more accurate tools for determining what is actually happening More

In Search of Engineers
One technologist gives his tips for hiring a good staff More

Your Radio Alarm Is Going Off
Are the real threats coming from satellite and streaming services? More

Commentary: We Need Better Revitalization Than This
The idea of making a 250-mile move area would do little more than cause a super-inflation of prices on existing translators More

You’re Leaving Money on the Table
An open letter to public radio from an ad agency media professional More

Why Radio Reading?
"Technology is a spectrum. Formats will come and go. But Audio Information services are not dying." More

Commentary: National Radio Day Highlights “Participatory Media”
"Radio listeners, stations and indie producers can join the celebration in a variety of creative, expressive ways" More

Automation Software Is Key in Changing Landscape
Evolving media consumption means broadcasters need to streamline content delivery More

FCC Rules on Non-Directional Antennas
Does this decision affect a lot more than one station? More

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