Guest Commentaries

Skotdal: AM Band Needs Drastic Change
Frank talk from a station owner about migration, all-digital, shutdown incentives, analog sunset More

Shulz: AM Improvement Ship Has Sailed
"The listening public does not care what AM issues are, there are too many other higher-quality alternatives" More

Why I Heart iHeartRadio
Former commissioner says MMTC has "quietly and methodically helped change the sound of America’s radio stations" More

How to Save HD Radio (If Someone Wants to Try)
Matt Sammon considers the high-definition dilemma More

No, Really; This Is Not a Test
Instead of playing the EAS blame game, fix the system More

Don’t Just Be a Station Manager; Be a Brand Manager
Market your station’s trusted brand to capitalize on revenue opportunities More

Commentary: DAB — Not Only Radio
The industry must consider the full potential of the technology More

Connected Car Insights From TS10
Breaking down the numbers to find radio’s place in the digital dash More

Level the Playing Field
Kelly Orchard gives tips to help stations avoid regulatory fines and reports More

Let’s Save a Vital National Media Resource: AM Radio
Kintronic Labs offers proposals to improve the band More

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