Guest Commentaries

Let’s Save a Vital National Media Resource: AM Radio
Kintronic Labs offers proposals to improve the band More

Anderson: I Come in Peace
Broadcast activist explores the potential and pitfalls of HD Radio More

An Outsider’s Perspective
How to solve the puzzle of radio’s future in the United States More

Raise FM IBOC Power Further
Let’s reevaluate higher digital levels to better replicate analog coverage More

The BBG Must Be Where the Audience Is Listening
Shortwave’s role is changing, but remains important in some regions More

Commentary: Getting the Programming Mix Right
Lokesh Gulyani of Jaipur, India takes a look at how a combination of factors creates the success and personality of a station. More

HD Radio on LPFM: Could It Be?
Ohio station WDPE is thinking outside the box with digital plans More

How I’d Change the FCC Rules
A longtime broadcaster weighs in on AM improvement, translators and more More

Commentary: Throwing More Gas on the Music Licensing Fire
DOJ opens review of music licensing consent decrees More

How I Built My Internet Station
“We will have no technical excuses if we are not successful” More

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