Guest Commentaries

The Free Ride Should Be Over for Dual Expanded-Band AMs
Larry Langford says those licensees knew what they were getting into More

Radio Preservation Task Force Launches Conference This Week
Effort is one product of the National Recording Preservation Plan More

Radio’s Place in Society
Despite a rapidly changing media landscape, radio still brings together communities, reflects diversity and allows access for all More

The Dreaded ‘Dismissed’ Letter From the FCC
The last thing an AM station owner wants to see right now is a letter from the FCC that informs them that the translator application they just submitted has been dismissed. More

$500K+ Spanking for Sponsorship ID Miscue
The Enforcement Bureau has scored another trophy for its burgeoning trophy room of extravagant penalties. More

Class C Owner Worries About AM’s “Local Channels”
Lee Afflerbach hopes other licensees will speak up about possible power increase More

Translator Values May Be Peaking
Price spike might be temporary More

The Evolution of Audio Streaming
We’ve come a long way since early Internet audio debuted More

Campus View: Thank You, College Radio, for the Experience
Building a student-run station can build a tradition More

No Regrets: Longtime Audio Information Service Professional Retires
As professionals in the audio information service industry, we work with volunteers every day. More

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