Guest Commentaries

Much Ado About the Vu
John Reiser comments about Oliver Berliner’s vu recollections More

Patent Update: Queen Sacrifice or Path to Broadcaster Checkmate?
Movement on the USPTO front, but will Digimedia actually benefit or is this a last gasp effort in the long-lasting patent chess match? More

All-Digital AM? Check the Math
Engineer Jerry Arnold questions the notion More

EAS: A Valuable Work in Progress
Broadcasting can and does deliver warnings when other means fail More

‘Connected’ Car Means Different Things
Carmaker alliance details what its members see as crucial to safety and innovation More

BBG: Consider the Changing Landscape
Asks Congress to help with priorities like a CEO, infrastructure, reduction of overlap More

Why So Down on Millennials?
Broadcast’s next generation is helped, not hurt, by new tech savvy More

SBE: Outreach and Strategy in 2013
President Ralph Hogan provides an update on several organization initiatives More

It’s High Time for an AM Update
When FCC wrote the rules on AM, today’s conflicts didn’t exist More

It’s Broke; Stop Trying to Fix It
A former state EAS chair believes that the system cannot be saved More

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