Guest Commentaries

RadioDNS: Hybrid Radio Accelerates
Why broadcasters should make an ‘initial, slight effort’ to start Hybrid Radio services More

Are Low-Profile Antennas Hurting Our Signals?
Like it or not, this is the mobile reception environment we must live in these days More

The Body of Knowledge: Use It or Lose It
Achieve your highest potential by imagining, speculating, reaching More

AM Revitalization? Clay's Dramatic Suggestion
'Realize AM’s technology and spectrum have served its purpose and move on' More

Omnia.11 Serves Twin Purposes
User Report: Processor takes on both music and live sports on one FM station More

Simmons of Aha on Radio’s Place in the Dash
Carmakers should modernize, not abandon, the car radio model More

You’ve Got to Spend It to Make It
Broadcasters must adapt to how our audience’s habits are changing More

Kroeger: DPR Mods Won’t Help HD Radio
IBiquity chief scientist says Digital PowerRadio has made ‘faulty assumptions’ More

A New Vision for U.S. Global Media
Unite the six USIB entities into a single broadcasting organization More

Take a Fresh Look at AM Rules
Dawson and Rackley say several changes can be made right away More

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