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Take a Bigger Slice of Net Income Pie
Although over-the-air radio has enjoyed 90 years as the primary delivery method, it’s becoming clear we are at the forefront of a paradigm shift. Streaming and the Internet are beginning to share the load. More

Ouch! Radio Hunkers Down
Station employees everywhere know these are tough times for radio. More

Guy’s 2008 Forecast (and Surprises)
Making room for a new calendar as I did in January prompts a look back on how our industry grappled with the past year’s challenges and what’s likely to occur moving into the new year. More

Battle for the Band: AM IBOC Under Siege
The interference fallout of full-time AM HD operations has been scattered and largely anecdotal. According to reports in RW, only one formal complaint has been filed as of this writing. By the time you read this, there likely will be others. More

Time of Reckoning Nears for HD Radio
It’s beginning to seem like a long time ago when many of us started laying plans to add IBOC digital transmission to our stations. More

iPhone: Smart Phone Worth Waiting For
The panting over the most hyped smart phone on the planet will subside but one thing is for sure. It is indeed a very cool personal electronic pocket servant that has mesmerized Apple lovers, students, geeks and even broadcasters. More

NAB2007: North Hall Redo, HD Hits Mainstream
The annual NAB rite of passage on the desert has come and gone for broadcasters. More

New Options for Pirates and LPFM
Harry Reid's FCC intervention is provoking new thinking on LPFM licensing and how more pirate stations might become legal. More

Guy's Predictions for 2007
It seems obligatory to reflect on the year past and extrapolate industry trends while peering ahead to make predictions for the coming year. More

Radio Makes Room for WiMax
It would seem that quite a few engineers in our business are giving up on any future for radio. To them, WiMax is a torpedo dead ahead that is poised to sink radio broadcasting and its 90 years of legacy service. More

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