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Ouch! Radio Hunkers Down
Station employees everywhere know these are tough times for radio. More

Guy’s 2008 Forecast (and Surprises)
Making room for a new calendar as I did in January prompts a look back on how our industry grappled with the past year’s challenges and what’s likely to occur moving into the new year. More

Battle for the Band: AM IBOC Under Siege
The interference fallout of full-time AM HD operations has been scattered and largely anecdotal. According to reports in RW, only one formal complaint has been filed as of this writing. By the time you read this, there likely will be others. More

Time of Reckoning Nears for HD Radio
It’s beginning to seem like a long time ago when many of us started laying plans to add IBOC digital transmission to our stations. More

iPhone: Smart Phone Worth Waiting For
The panting over the most hyped smart phone on the planet will subside but one thing is for sure. It is indeed a very cool personal electronic pocket servant that has mesmerized Apple lovers, students, geeks and even broadcasters. More

NAB2007: North Hall Redo, HD Hits Mainstream
The annual NAB rite of passage on the desert has come and gone for broadcasters. More

LPFM: Idolatry for disbelievers
Guy Wire gets his share of e-mail from LPFM proponents who believe our existing radio bands have gone to hell in a handbasket. They are convinced that LPFM is the best hope that will somehow revive radio listening into something worthwhile for their ilk. DAB will only make matters worse they say. More

Radio: The Longest Running Survivor Show
These are becoming rather dark days for radio. The deepening recession. Shrinking staffs with consolidation. Eroding younger audiences. More

EAS: Not Even a Glass Half Empty
The Emergency Alert System. That morphed version of Conelrad and EBS held over from the Cold War we love to hate. It’s done little to assist the public in times of real emergencies except maybe for tornado and hurricane warnings in some areas. More

Death Star Strikes Planet Earth Radio
We saw it coming. Some said it could never work. Others said no one would buy it. Still others predict it will trigger the beginning of the end for traditional radio as we know it. More

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