Buc fondly recalls the staccato tattoo of the radio teletype More

The Sta-Level: Effective Audio Control
Remembering a Simple, Mild, Automatic Audio Gain Control Made by Gates More

GEP for That Bird Without a Wire
Internet Notwithstanding, Satellite Remains a Great Tool, So Get the Most Out of It More

Collins 20V Was a Joy to Maintain
My first job out of the army in May 1970 was as chief engineer of a small 1,000 watt full-timer in Hilo, Hawaii. More

Radio Has a Special Place in the Car
In a moment of insanity, your brother has loaned you his ‘61 Impala 409 pearlescent red convertible. More

The General Electric Phasitron FM Transmitter
In the early 1950s, many saw the emergence of FM on a new band (88–108 MHz) as a waste of time and money. Only a few visionaries, people who were ready to try different paths, create new audiences and serve new needs, succeeded with FM. More

The Transistor Portable Radio
Growing up is daunting. All those “rites of passage” through which we must travel. The first day of school, exams, dating, awkward holidays with distant relatives. More

A Little Red Radio: The AA4, Perhaps?
I wrote in the Jan. 3 RW about “Remembering the All-American Five,” which you can read under the Milestones tab at More

Bird's Popular Wattmeter Is 50
Among the most valuable tools in any RF toolbox is the Bird Model 43 Thruline Wattmeter. Take it from a man who has fried endless number of IF transformers, transistors and dummy loads in an inept illusive quest for accurate RF information and tuning. More

'The Last Watch'
Heraclitus said the only constant is change. More