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Bray Seeks Fresh IT Approach at FCC
CIO has managed transition from the commission’s 207 legacy IT systems More

Time Is Money for Radio Stations
Laderer talks about why innovations such as cloud-based workflow software matter More

Skotdal: Critical Hours, Receiver Mandates of Prime Importance
AM broadcaster also presses commission to set a future rulemaking on VHF migration More

Andy Laird to Receive NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award
Chernock, Symson also honored with tech awards More

Downs Suggests an AM “Surrender Option”
Stations would get primary status on their FM translator in exchange More

George Mason University Welcomes David Rehr
Former NAB head man joins faculty as professor of law and senior associate dean More

WTMX: Small Acts of Charity Matter
“The Mix” is honored by NAB with the Crystal Heritage Award More

Tim Bealor: A Lifetime of Broadcast Electronics
Industry figure ends 40-year career with equipment manufacturer More

O’Rielly Bashes "Anti-Capitalism Talk"
Commissioner stakes a strong stand in blog post More

Translator Talk With Tim Sawyer
The last 10 days or so have been an exciting and busy one for AM radio, as the Federal Communications Commission received a flood of applications from licensees looking to acquire or move FM translators. More

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