Product Evaluations

FM-55 Targets Analog FM
New processor sounds “delicious” and impresses with its approach to multipath More

Sonnox Plug-Ins Silence Sibilance
A voiceover pro cleans up a track with SuprEsser More

Does Microphone X Have It All?
Radio man, V/O artist Don Elliot takes a shine to the Aphex Microphone X, provides some V/O tips too More

Aaron 650 Cuts Through the Chatter
Rebroadcast receiver offers strong reception, useful analysis tools and failover features More

Sony Ghosts Unwanted Noises
Audio restoration software has many tools, though the interface can be complicated More

Apogee MiC 96k Reaches the Apogee
Mac mic is a steal, and it might even work with Windows and Linux More

iZotope RX 3 Advanced — It’s Delovely
Noise reduction/audio restoration software suite is easy to use More

SM Pro Audio Offers Wi-Fi in a Mixer
Ethernet connection included in uMiX family of multipurpose mixers More

Evolution of a Compact Mixer: Mackie DL1608
Are actual faders a thing of the past? Can it all be done from an iPad? More Laptop Docking Station Is a Multi-Position Player
A useful gadget that not only saves you time but performs its duties in the most practical way More

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