Programming & Sales

NextRadio Heads to the Great White North
Canada’s Google Play store now offers the FM tuner app More

Blubrry and StreamGuys Partner on Internet Radio
New Podcast2Radio option converts podcasts into internet radio streams More

Shabab Radio Connects Refugees, Local Community
Athens-based internet radio station aims to drive intercultural dialogue and exchange More

Broadcasters Advise Potential Up and Comers
Get an internship, take risks, network and be very, very persistent More

Westwood One and Veritone Media Launch Audio Platform
Cloud-based tool captures and tags content and live read endorsements More

BIA/Kelsey: Competing for Audiences and Ad Revenue
Local radio stations are finding that audiences and advertisers both have other opportunities available to them More

Public File Letters: Tell the FCC What You Think
Do you like its plan to spike the rule about keeping public letters in the inspection file? More

On Pirates, O’Rielly Pushes for Help From the Hill
FCC commissioner says he is talking with legislators about increased fines, an easier process to seize pirate equipment and other changes More

Campus View: With a Little Help From Our (Non-affiliate) Friends
The non-com station has been allowed to invite non-university-affiliated community members to help fill gaps in the programming schedule More

BIA/Kelsey: Markets and Formats Can Play Role in Ad Share
Stations in the largest markets receive a disproportionate share of ad revenues, according to report More

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