Radio IT Management

New Patent Infringement Suits Target iHeart, Spotify
Post Media Systems is the plaintiff and is demanding a jury trial and damages More

FCC Debuts Fresh Comment System
New ECFS gives users access to legacy files and improved search functionality More

Programmatic, Private Digital Radio Marketplace Announced by iHeart
Service is undergirded by AdsWizz technology More

Bluetooth Announces Bluetooth 5 Specifications
A new Bluetooth specification due late this year or early next will boost range, speed, and broadcast-message capacity to enhance Bluetooth’s capabilities in home- and building-automation systems and in other Internet of Thing (IOT) applications, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced. More

Virtual Future of Broadcast Automation
Flexibility and lower costs make virtualization popular for broadcast automation More

NAB on EAS: Keep It Simple, Keep It Affordable
Don't micromanage local efforts; avoid requirements that would involve new equipment More

New ECFS Will Have “Hard Launch” on June 20
System will be unavailable the weekend prior More

Avoid Paying a King’s Ransom
How to be a smarter internet consumer: avoid and mitigate nasty malware attacks More

Preserving Our National Pastime in Sound
Schwartzes get to hear — and restore — things others haven’t heard in decades More

Maximize Your Audience Interactivity
Here are three products that stations can use to connect with listeners in new ways More

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