RF Safety

RF Safety Surveys at Broadcast Sites: A Basic Guide
The process of measuring RF safety compliance often is misunderstood More

Two FMs Must Videotape RFR Workshop for FCC
In a Hawaii enforcement case, the commission chooses short-term license renewal and requires training More

Satellite Update - June 24, 2010
A review of the FCC's latest actions affecting the satellite industry.

The Power in Your Wrists
A reader comments on climbing de-energized towers More

May I Climb This De-Energized Tower?
There are so many variables, it is difficult to give specific recommendations. More

What Is Shaped-Frequency Response?
An Explanation of a Term You'll Hear in Discussion of RF Survey Instruments More

What About Cell Phone Safety?
Your Head Makes a Very Good Antenna at 800 to 900 MHz More

Should I Climb That Live AM Tower?
If the power into the base of the antenna exceeds 500 Watts, nobody should be allowed to climb the tower. If the power is 200 Watts or less, it is generally safe. More

What’s the Deal With Exposure Limits?
This is the fourth in a series of Q&As with Richard Strickland about RF safety; the series is archived at radioworld.com. More

RFR Fines Can Burn You
The FCC started out by using $10,000 for virtually all RF radiation related fines, and all of the NALs (Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture) were directed at individual licensees. More