Tech Tips

Take Pride in Your Workmanship
I advocate for a facility maintained and updated to the standards on which it was built More

Testing and Using Power Transformers
Tips including a good procedure for drying a high-voltage power transformer More

RF Spectrum Analyzers Not Just for Consultants
These tools can be your eye on the RF spectrum More

Using a Smith Chart to Match Transmitter to Antenna Effectively
An elegant graphical tool for solving transmission line matching problems More

The Case of the Mystery Ringing
One engineer remembers his quest for a quiet network line More

Bench Techniques and Tools of the Trade
Use common sense to save time and money when servicing equipment More

Modding the Kentiger HY-502S Audio Unit
A little work on this $22 device creates a $220 sound More

The ABCs of SWR, VSWR, Reflected Power and Return Loss
Why these terms matter and what can be done when a problem arises More

Circuit Modeling Can Provide Clues in Troubleshooting
Sometimes a good circuit model can point you to a hidden smoking gun More

The Importance of Proper Grounding and Bonding
Tying a broadcast plant together More

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