Tech Tips

Bench Techniques and Tools of the Trade
Use common sense to save time and money when servicing equipment More

Modding the Kentiger HY-502S Audio Unit
A little work on this $22 device creates a $220 sound More

The ABCs of SWR, VSWR, Reflected Power and Return Loss
Why these terms matter and what can be done when a problem arises More

Circuit Modeling Can Provide Clues in Troubleshooting
Sometimes a good circuit model can point you to a hidden smoking gun More

The Importance of Proper Grounding and Bonding
Tying a broadcast plant together More

Hints on Spectrum Analyzer Usage
Care is required to make certain that what a spectrum analyzer is telling you is really the truth More

Get Your Stuff There in One Piece
Take care when packing your precious gear for service and repair More

Special Report: When Disaster Hit, They Kept WWL on the Air
Joe Pollet looks back and shares lessons from the Katrina experience More

An Inexpensive, High-Performance Composite Limiter
Build-it-yourself clipper for (gently) maximizing your FM modulation More

Dissipate That Pulse Before It Does Damage
If AC power enters the property, an EMP can enter by the same route. Dump it! More

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