The Big Picture

Mythology Revised for the Digital Age
Pandora's shutdown would serve as a bellwether for the entire Internet radio industry. If one of the largest and most successful companies in this business cannot stay afloat, how can other, smaller operators hope to survive? More

In Search of the Universal Receiver
Whether such a device is produced by mandate or voluntarily, it would combine both forms of satellite radio with both forms of terrestrial radio, something that no device manufactured to date has done. More

Contradictions in Digital Media
Like many periods of dramatic change that preceded it, the digital media revolution is coping with internal struggles as it finds its way. More

When Evolution Just Isn’t Enough
The IBOC transition is evolutionary in every sense of the word. This implies that it could take geologic epochs of time to elapse before it concludes. And this may be just too slow for the species to survive. More

Survival in a More Competitive World
But it is worthwhile to consider how the medium might fare in a new digital world. In fact, as my industry colleague Glynn Walden has recently pointed out, after Feb. 19, 2009, radio will be the sole remaining analog mass medium in the United States. More

Can Radio Shed Its Lead Boots?
Clearly if the industry is to survive in the corporate marketplace, it needs to reverse these trends; and the sooner the better. This is especially true at the station level, where the problem seems most acute. More

2020: The Biggest Loser vs. Tiny Tim
In a sad irony, there was a time when this particular new year had been touted as a target for reinvigoration of the medium. More

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
For a long time broadcasters have assumed that the digital revolution would take hold in their industry when they, the broadcasters, wanted it to. More

Trading Spaces, Shifting Gears
Some observers have remarked that this spells trouble for radio as other competitive services become increasingly more convenient. More

Living La Vida Local — Or Not
How should terrestrial radio react? More

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