The Leslie Report

More All-Digital AM Tests Planned
Expect more discussion on this topic at next month’s NAB Show More

NPR Labs Lays Groundwork for Alerts for Deaf
The Labs envisions collecting emergency messages and transmitting them over the Public Radio Satellite System More

Initial All-Digital AM IBOC Tests Completed; Results Being Digested
Prospective paper on all-digital AM IBOC testing at spring NAB Show BEC More

Nearly 1,000 Products Integrate Pandora
GM makes it easier for drivers to add apps to their infotainment systems More

Verdict for Digital Radio in Brazil?
Both DRM and HD Radio are under consideration More

Democrat Remains in Charge at FCC
The agency’s work, which continues no matter who’s in charge, piles up at year-end More

Remembering 9/11 in Washington
For me, 9/11 will always be intertwined with the fall Radio Show More

All-Digital AM Tests Considered
Any talk of an all-digital AM future, either for individual stations or the industry at large, is likely to be contentious More

All-Digital AM Tests on the Table
Idea is to quantify up or downsides as radio struggles to help AM More

WOR Sees Significant Savings Using MDCL
Buckley Broadcasting DOE Tom Ray says electricity bill is down 25% More

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