The Leslie Report

All-Digital AM Tests Considered
Any talk of an all-digital AM future, either for individual stations or the industry at large, is likely to be contentious More

All-Digital AM Tests on the Table
Idea is to quantify up or downsides as radio struggles to help AM More

WOR Sees Significant Savings Using MDCL
Buckley Broadcasting DOE Tom Ray says electricity bill is down 25% More

FCC’s Doyle Warns Waiver Standards for Pending FM Translators Are High
A lot has to happen before a new LPFM window opens More

PREC: FCC Could Process ‘Singleton’ Translator Apps Later This Year
In-car use accounts for 50% public radio listeners More

REC Networks Supports ‘LP-Flex’ Power Levels
Concept is licensing power levels greater than 10 watts where appropriate More

NPR Labs Unveils Online Station Mapping System
Idea is to accurately predict digital coverage for radio, TV, for auto, mobile and indoor reception More

Mexico City Preps for HD Radio Launch
Part of market-by-market rollout More

Feds Serious About Dashboard Distraction
NHSTA proposes voluntary guidelines to curb phone-related, Web browsing activities in moving vehicles More

Survey: HD Radio ‘Knowledge Gap’ Persists
Mark Kassof finds 54% of respondents have ‘heard of’ HD Radio, down from 2008. More

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