White Papers

The SNMP Protocol and Its Integration as a Broadcast Monitoring Tool
IT industry software tool unlocks equipment diagnostics More

Elevated HD Power, Part II
The effects of increased digital power on FM signal to noise More

A Method to Improve Conventional FM Stereo
Foti argues that use of single-sideband stereo reduces multipath and provides increased protection to the baseband spectrum More

Look Before You Leap
Dave Hershberger of Continental explains why, if you plan to raise FM digital power, you should be aware of unintended consequences More

Modern VHF Signal Measurement Techniques at NPR Labs, Part II
John Kean on a measurement system to measure HD coverage accurately More

Modern VHF Signal Measurement Techniques at NPR Labs
A white paper by John Kean More

Sustainable Facilities and LEED Certification: A Broadcaster’s Guide
Green design principles form the core of rating system and offer long-term benefits More

A Low-Loss IBOC Combining Method
Small says Myat’s filter technique is ideal for higher HD Radio power More

How Would Power Hike Affect SCA Receivers?
NPR Testing Suggests Impact in Certain Circumstances More

Why a Full 10 dB Increase Is Necessary
Authors Russ Mundschenk and Milford Smith explore FM HD Radio system performance at elevated carrier levels in this white paper. More