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Nautel Schedules Summer Webinar Series

By Elaine Jones | May 25, 2017

Webinars in June and July will provide information on the new Nautel HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter, a description of Nautel’s HD SFN technology, and a Tips & Tricks session on “how to not blow stuff up.” Nautel Webinars qualify for SBE recertification credits.

"Navigating The Digital Landscape"

May 5, 2017

Key radio listening locations - the home, the car, & at-work - are changing 321 stations | 14 radio formats | 51,760 respondents | 5 generations

Orban Expands SBE Teleconference Schedule

By Elaine Jones | May 1, 2017

Orban Labs, a worldwide leader in audio processing for AM, FM, TV and Internet broadcasting, is continuing its series of SBE Teleconferences with company founder Bob Orban through the summer. These teleconferences are presented at selected SBE chapter meetings throughout the USA. Mr. Orban will make a 45-minute presentation at each meeting on audio processing and loudness control, followed by a Q&A session with attendees. Teleconferences are sponsored by Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW), longtime distributor of Orban Optimod audio processors.