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2016 WBA Summer Conference Preview

The WBA Summer Conference is a two–day event held June 22-23. Cameron Vigliano got in touch with the president and CEO of the WBA, to tell us more

A Q&A with WBA President and CEO Michelle Vetterkind explains what attendees will be in store for

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association�s Summer Conference is a two�day event held June 22-23. Radio magazine’s Cameron Vigliano got in touch with Michelle Vetterkind, president and CEO of the WBA, to tell us more about the conference.

Radio magazine:�The conference features a variety of options for attendees on certain days. Some options are educational in nature or for networking purposes. Briefly, can you describe what type of WBA organizational business is taken up at the conference?

Michelle Vetterkind: We aim for a wide variety of educational opportunities with a little fun mixed in, as well. Also, we never underestimate the importance of networking opportunities. They are key for us and always draw a crowd. We feature our unique four-day Media Technology Institute as part of our Summer Convention Week. We also feature a separate day-long Engineering Session, station roundtable discussions, sales sessions, emerging media sessions, as well as staples such as our golf outing, job/career fair, our annual business breakfast, and our exhibit reception. We recognize local broadcasters with our Broadcast Legends Luncheon and our Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on the final night.�

Radio:�Like many trade conferences or shows, educational options seem to dominate what goes on. Briefly, can you describe a few educational sessions to take place at the conference?

Vetterkind: A few of our most popular sessions for this year:�

�An Amber Alert Incident Debriefing� (as part of our Engineering Day) will dissect an actual child abduction incident that resulted in an Amber Alert in Wisconsin, along with the steps that lead up to the alert and what process was used to determine an alert was needed.�

�The First Year: Building a Foundation for Success� where we�ll hear from Wisconsin�s Young Broadcast Professionals who will share their personal experiences from their first few years on the job and their own personal keys to building a successful career in broadcasting right from the beginning.�

�Emerging Media: Where Does it Fit?� will look at a variety of platforms and how they can be used to reach new audiences.��

�Recruit & Retain to Win� will look at ways to find the best possible people who can fit within your culture and produce significant results for your organization. Attendees are also looking forward to a Keynote Address on Servant Leadership.�

Radio:�In your opinion, how important is the conference to broadcasters in Wisconsin?

Vetterkind: We are extremely fortunate to have a very active and involved membership (over 95% of the stations in Wisconsin are WBA members). We also have a very involved Conference Committee and they do a great job in planning our winter/summer conferences. While the Winter Conference focuses on legislative and EEO Opportunities, the Summer Conference focused more on educational opportunities, networking, recognition, and yes, a bit of fun! We have a diverse group of broadcasters in attendance, as there tends to be something for everyone. We try to focus on all ages and facets of the industry in planning our events throughout the year.

The WBA Conference takes place Wednesday, June 22 through Thursday, June 23. For more information, visit�WBA�s website.