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Who’s Afraid of Windows 10?

Some LPFM broadcasters are cautious about implications of operating system changes

No one likes mandatory software upgrades. Workflow changes can cramp your style, and the inevitable bugs in the new operating system are suprising and unpleasant.

But it can be equally disconcerting to stick with an outdated but usually reliable system that will no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

As of July 29, Microsoft will no longer offer a free upgrade to Windows 10. That deadline appears to have caused some LPFM chatter on Facebook about the benefits of sticking with Windows 7 versus transitioning to 10.

Many of the concerns centered on how automation systems will react to the changes. Some users have also described the updates as acting like malware � some files were lost and programs rendered unusable after an unexpected, middle-of-the-night upgrade to 10.

Some members of the Facebook group LPFM Tech Advice noted that upgrades can be automatic and happen without much warning, so if your station wants to stick with its current OS, be sure to change settings to require an administrator password to make these kinds of changes.

Has your station upgraded to Windows 10, or are you an iOs user with nightmare stories of your own? We want to hear your IT stories about how you dealt with the problems, or if there were unexpected benefits. Email[email protected].