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SBE Candidate Profile: Jason Ornellas

Learn about those on the ballot for the 2016 board of directors

The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced the candidates for its 2016 board elections in June. Ahead of voting, which begins next week, we�re profiling the candidates to learn more about those on the ballot.

Jason Ornellas is a candidate for an at-large seat on the SBE board of directors. He is director of engineering for CBS Radio Sacramento. He has been an SBE member for eight years and certified CBRE, CRO.

Radio magazine:�If elected, what would you like to see SBE do differently than it does now?

Jason Ornellas: Continue to promote and evolve its education and certification department and expand its role in developing new talent for the broadcast engineering industry.�

Radio: The FCC has asked for comment on whether there is an increasing spectrum noise problem and if so, what it should do about it. How would you answer that?

Ornellas: With technology consistently changing and becoming a society that demands wifi enabled devices, this issue will continue to be a major concern and not just for AM Radio.

Radio magazine:�Should SBE play a more active role in technical standards-setting for issues like digital radio? Why or why not?

Ornellas: I think SBE is a credited and reliable source in creating technical standards as its members are the ones in the field dealing with the changing role of technology. Makes the most sense to have a major say in new standards.

Radio magazine:�For decades we�ve heard the question �Where will the next generation of broadcast engineers come from?� What can SBE do, that it hasn�t done already?

Ornellas: SBE already has the education On Demand University setup, but I do think we need to promote it better and even provide some trade schools, colleges and etc. access to it for free. We as a society might need to invest into developing new talent into the engineering field to find that next generation. I believe the mentoring program was a great step in the right direction.

Radio magazine:�What else would you like voters to know about yourself or your stand on industry issues?

Ornellas: I have been with SBE for 8 years now and look forward to many more years within the society. I�m excited for the future of broadcast and broadcast engineering with the ever changing world of technology. I�m active in my local chapter (43) and have serve as treasurer for Chapter 15 in NYC. The society has helped me, and I�m looking forward to giving back.�

The full slate of candidates for both officers and at-large board members can be found�here.�Read more candidate profiles�here.

The election will take place July 25 through Aug. 25.