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SBE Candidate Profile: Marcelo Sanchez

Learn about those on the ballot for the 2016 board of directors

The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced the candidates for its 2016 board elections in June. Ahead of voting, which begins next week, we�re profiling the candidates to learn more about those on the ballot.

Marcelo Sanchez is candidate for an at-large seat on the board of directors. He is the director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering for CBS�s WBFS/WFOR-TV. He has been a member of the SBE for 25 years and is certified CPBE. He currently serves as the Chairman for the local SBE Chapter 53 and is also serving a term on the national board.

Radio magazine: If elected, what would you like to see SBE do differently than it does now?

Marcelo Sanchez: Explore innovative ways to promote us an organization to expand our membership and help educate next generation engineers.

Radio: The asked for comment on whether there is an increasing spectrum noise problem and if so, what it should do about it. How would you answer that FCC has?

Sanchez: SBE has always stayed away from standard setting, leaving that to SMPTE, ATSC and others.

Radio: Should SBE play a more active role in technical standards-setting for issues like digital radio? Why or why not?

Sanchez: Same as above, we focus on certification of knowledge and skills, and education programs.

Radio: For decades we�ve heard the question �Where will the next generation of broadcast engineers come from?� What can SBE do, that it hasn�t done already?

Sanchez: I believe the next generation gets their news and information from Digital Media, we should explore and exploit those channels.�

Radio: What else would you like voters to know about yourself or your stand on industry issues?

Sanchez: I have been in the broadcast industry since 1982, and I still love it!


The full slate of candidates for both officers and at-large board members can be found�here.�Read more candidate profiles�here.

The election will take place July 25 through Aug. 25.