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‘Red’ Hot Radio

Reader comments on our new look and logo

Radio Is Red Hot

As we have noted before, when Radio World arrives, it means that all is right with the world.

We not only look forward with eager anticipation to each new issue of Radio World, but we also read, analyze and inwardly digest every article and also every advertisement, on every page from front to back.

Using a red pen, the author provided an enhancement to our new logo. It is with some interest, Mr. McLane, that we read your readers’ evaluation of your superb new format, layout and paper stock.

We should like to recommend for your consideration the suggestion that you emphasize the RADIO part of your masthead. After all, one thing upon which all your readers agree is that RADIO is – more than ever before – a red-hot medium. And Radio World certainly is the premier broadcast business and engineering periodical.

A rough example of what we have in mind, a slightly revised Radio World masthead, is enclosed.

Be of good cheer.

F. Keith Trantow
Rawhide Communications
Tucson, Ariz.

Thumbs Up, But Keep the News

Paul, congratulations on the new format for Radio World!

Like you, I had gotten used to the old, especially the use of old-fashioned newsprint stock. The new coated stock kinda gives Radio World a “magazine” feel, whereas the old seemed to say “newspaper.” This of course could be a double-edged sword: Most folks view a magazine as entertainment and a newspaper as (as its name implies) news. So I hope the new paper choice will not make readers think it is just “fluff'”- and with you at the helm, I think you will not let that happen.

I do have one question: You stated, “This is particularly important when introducing RW to new readers and new advertisers, for whom our familiar retro logo wasn’t meaningful or could even be confusing.” Please explain how it would be “confusing”? Your new banner still says Radio World (albeit in a different font) and you still have a small globe.

All in all, I like the new format. One reason I do is from a physical standpoint. Our fine postal employees, when folding the older version to fit in their delivery bags, quite often would mangle or tear pages. I think with the new coated stock and size, the chances of that happening, while not eliminated, will be reduced.

Jerry Arnold
Midwest Communications
Terre Haute, Ind.

Paul McLane replies: By “confusing” I meant that for someone not familiar with RW, the older logo with its retro feel might not give the correct impression about our coverage of new media and new technology along with our reverence for radio’s history and lore.