A Dramatic Proposal

Folks, we don't need HD radios or analog radios either.
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Regarding David Noble's article about why accessible radio standards matter (Jan. 14), I completely agree with the author. However, I want to take it further.

What really needs to happen is, the FCC needs to ban HD Radio and instead require all radios on the market to be Internet radios, whether boom boxes or small portable radios, and these radios as well need to be accessible.

Folks, we don't need HD radios or analog radios either. That is radio that is antiquated, because whether using analog or HD Radio, you still have stations that fade out when you get out of range. With internet radio, you're never out of range!

So, if anybody from the FCC is reading this, get rid of analog and HD Radio and require all radio stations to be streaming on the Internet, and require all radios to be Internet-ready.

Harry Brown
Port Huron, Mich.


A Proliferation of Channels

Each broadcaster should also have the option of linking any or all of these sub-channels together so the maximum bit rate would range from 153 kbps to 360 kbps with all sub-channels linked.

A Misleading Story Presentation

I take strong exception to the Randy Stine front-page article in the March 11 issue that insinuated that the listing of "off-air stations" is caused by the current downturn in the economy or that bankers are causing this to happen.

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