A Guy By Any Other Name

My name is Magneto Man, and like you I am an engineer and a writer.
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Dear Mr. Wire, do you have any books out about your escapades as a superhero?

My name is Magneto Man, and like you I am an engineer and a writer. My pseudonym is Daniel Parks, a more traditional name for the benefit of those who regard Magneto Man as some fictitious handle. You can find my books on Amazon: "Gold River Canyon's Dead," "Tales and Doggerel of a Traveling Man," "The Laptop: Cyber Murders" and coming soon, "Short Stories for the Long Haul."

I like to research names now and then, the last being "Al Timeter," a real name of a real person.

I was sitting here thinking about communications towers that my employer manufactures and thought I'd pop "Guy Wire" in as a Google search to see if there really was such a person. Well, the rest is history.

May the magnetic forces be with you.

Magneto Man
Wagoner, Okla.


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