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A Vote for Proton Therapy

Paul I wanted to share with you and RW readers that I have been in Loma Linda, Calif., for prostate radiation treatment via protons at Loma Linda University hospitals.

My prostate cancer is slow-growing, but I wanted to take a more proactive approach, rather than the wait-and-see my doctors in Duluth, Minn., recommended. Proton radiation therapy was pioneered at Loma Linda about 20 years ago; and the technique is spreading to such areas as Indiana, Massachusetts and finally the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., is said to be incorporating the treatment.

As many of your readers may be in the age group when prostate cancer is a concern, they should be aware of this medical facility and the help and hope it offers in a Christian setting. The treatments run about nine weeks at five days per week, for a total of 45.

More broadly, people over 50 should be checked for colon cancer, and men for prostate cancer as well. I have had colon cancer, with surgeries in the large intestine 11 years ago and small intestine, six years ago, so you might say I have a semicolon!

I feel fine, but, psychologically at least, I should feel even better after this prostate cancer is taken care of. Loma Linda University and their prostate radiation center in California can be researched at “Loma Linda” plus “protons.” Also available from their website are a free video and book, “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer,” by Robert J. Marckini. I met him and signed a copy of my book, the FM Atlas, and he signed my copy of his.

PS — While on the trip I’ve been taking notes of FM stations and format changes for my book, which also helps make the gas expenditure and kilometerage tax-deductible.

Riding along with us is a Radio Shack Accurian table radio with inverter for checking out the HD stations, RDS in our Ford Fusion and SCS (67 and 92 kHz) in a modified A/C clock radio. Our landlord in Colton, Calif., has quit using Dish network, and only has a converter box. It is fun to check out all the analog and digital TV stations here in the Los Angeles-Inland Empire area.

I am getting one Franken FM on 87 or 87.75 MHz with stereo from Los Angeles, with Spanish, while another 87.75 Spanish lurks in mono, which one of my subscribers thinks is XETV Tijuana-San Diego, still a legal analog station. XETV appears to be all Spanish, having metamorphosed from all English.

Bruce Elving
Esko, Minn.

Elving is author of “FM Atlas,” 288 pages of FM information including maps and directories with stations arranged by state and then by frequency. Covers U.S., Canada and Mexico, including info on stations having HD, RDS, stereo and FM subcarriers at 57, 67 and 92 kHz. $22 postpaid from me, Bruce Elving, PO Box 336, Esko MN 55733-0336.