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AM, Out in Front

A GM is proud of his team — ‘people who love the adventure that is small-market AM radio and are proud of what we do for our communities.’

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(This version corrects a typo in the e-mail address.)

Kudos to Paula Triplett for a “spot-on” response in the March 10 letters to Scott Taylor’s “chip-on-his-shoulder” rant about AM radio.

I had no idea what Taylor was trying to prove in his Jan. 1 commentary and finally decided that he simply had an old axe to grind with an AM owner/manager, maybe someone who wouldn’t hire him, or fired him.

He wrote like a typical radio-wannabe, attempting to show us that he is much smarter than the rest of us who have been making a good living and proudly serving our communities for many years with AM radio stations … people like Harry Hoyler, for example (Jan. 1, Letters) and of course, Paula and the Finger Lakes Radio Group, and hundreds of other small-market operations around the country — people Taylor obviously never contacted. But when you already know it all, why bother to be confused with the facts?

Taylor is welcome anytime to take a look at our AM facility and meet our team — people who love the adventure that is small-market AM radio and are proud of what we do for our communities.

Here in northwestern North Dakota we didn’t participate in the recession, and we are well into our sixth record year in a row, with our AM station solidly leading the way. Are we facing challenges? Of course; and we appreciate each and every one of them and how hard they work to keep us on our toes.

With people like Harry and Paula, and here in the west, our Cherry Creek philosophy of small-market radio management and sales, I have never been more optimistic about the future of good old-fashioned R-A-D-I-O, with AM out there in front, where it has always been.

Way to go Paula!

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Joel Swanson
General Manager
Cherry Creek Northern Plains Radio
Williston, N.D. /Sidney, Mont.