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Are You Bullish on Podcasts?

This content distribution platform is growing in popularity among consumers — and broadcasters

Radio is centered at the intersection of media and technology. As such, our industry is influenced by a variety of delivery and consumption trends that have a bearing on daily workflows and long-term planning.

Hardware designs, HD Radio, AM revitalization, programming fashions and more are familiar topics within Radio World’s traditional purview. But as more broadcasters turn to burgeoning sectors of the digital marketplace, managers and engineers must consider the ramifications of those trends as well.

For example, podcasting may be more than a decade old, but in 2015 it is one of the scorching platforms in media. From the perspective of audio content creators/distributors (read: radio!), the interest is due to its low cost of entry, the participation of several big corporate players, the very visible success of “Serial” and the changing nature of consumer audio habits.

In an article on page 1 of this issue, we examine why the industry is bullish on this distribution method as well as who have already thrown their hat in the ring.

Then we go into more depth about this hot topic in Radio World’s newest free ebook, “Podcasting Comes Alive.” This digital-only special issue offers voices from various aspects of podcasting:

• Ken Deutsch talks with Andy Bowers, chief content officer for Panoply at the Slate group, about its podcast offerings.

• Fred Jacobs interviews Norm Pattiz about his startup Podcast One.

• Tom Vernon reports on the goals of, the on-demand initiative from CBS Local Digital Media.

• Mark Phillips tells us about his audio work, scoring and mixing the first season of “Serial.”

• And Tom Webster provides a thoughtful commentary on how media/radio companies can reach millennials more effectively with these audio offerings.

Not everyone is bullish on podcasts, of course. But the past year has proven that radio cannot ignore podcasts because of the competition — and opportunity — they represent

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