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Barry McLarnon

I'd comment to the FCC but they don't like me much.

I’d comment to the FCC but they don’t like me much.

I am tickled to death that someone of Barry McLarnon’s caliber has officially brought forth the truth (“IBOC Critic Opposes Power Boost,” RW Online, Nov. 21).

If anyone has any doubt about Mr. McLarnon’s report, all they have to do is drive around Lubbock, Texas and tune around the noncom band. Once you hear this IBOC noise it’s easy to pick out. To say it’s horrible is an understatement, especially when the station runs HD2 and HD3.

Of course, I’d love to see this in the greater Phoenix area to blow up all those “sat-a-lators” that have destroyed the noncom band. (Yes, I’m sadistic and mean.)

I am very afraid that when this hits the AM band, it’s going to finish off the band forever.

Speaking of, there was no loss of haste to get rid of AM stereo and any equipment. Even though it took forever to adopt a “plan,” it turned out rather well even if it was late; but it’s gone now and no one will ever bring it back.

Michael Payne
Twin Falls, Idaho