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Coda: John Casey Embarks on Next Chapter

If you’ll allow me a moment for a personal note: Today I salute my friend John Casey and thank him for his decades of service to Radio World.

John recently moved on to his next professional chapter after many years of guiding RW’s advertising sales efforts. For much of that time he held the title of publisher, but the word fails to capture everything John brought to our pages — his understanding of our marketplace, his technology foresight and creative eye for visual design, his ethics and fundamental sense of business decency.

Whatever our respective job titles have been over time, he and I treated one another like co-pilots, even though it’s my name and face that readers usually know. We worked together to conceive eBooks, webinars, show coverage, supplements; we co-created Radio World Engineering Extra and the Radio World Excellence in Engineering Awards and worked on special projects too numerous to count. The relationship has been one of the most gratifying parts of my own 22 years here.

Now he’s back in the supply side of our industry as the new director of sales for ENCO Systems. He leaves a great team in place and departs on the best of terms, but he’ll be missed and will always be part of this publication’s proud history. Thanks, JC!