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Dig Into Our Digital Library

Here’s how to browse through past editions of RW

“I subscribe to Radio World, and I have read both hard copy and digital versions,” writes Ron Nelson, a reader who does contract engineering work in California. 

“Love the magazine and all the features. How can I find a back issue? Specifically the Sept. 24, 2019 article on building an EAS loop antenna.”

Many readers are aware that the four or five most recent issues are available in digital edition form at under the Resources tab.

Paul McLane, Radio Word Editor in Chief

But most may not realize that they can browse much farther back by clicking on the blue “Digital Editions” header tab on that page, or using the small pulldown menu to access the sub-category “Digital Editions.” Then just scroll down to find the right cover date. 

Or save the following URL, which will take you directly to that page:

Ron no doubt saw our cover story in the March 2 issue about making your own EAS antenna; that story referred back to the 2019 article and the original tip by Ken Beckwith. So one more way of accessing the earlier piece is to search “Beckwith” in the website’s search tool, then scroll down to the right headline.

While I’m on the subject of the website, we recently added the OneSignal notification tool. 

At lower left of the home page you should see an orange bell icon. Click it to “subscribe to notifications.” Once or twice a week we’ll ping you on your desktop or mobile device to let you know about stories of particular interest. Several thousand readers currently use this free tool.

And here comes the NAB Show! Will you attend the convention? I’m interested in hearing about your experience. As always you can reach me at [email protected]. I hope to see you on the show floor.