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Our Favorite Mics: Anabella Poland, WMSC(FM)

College station keeps a well-stocked microphone closet

WMSC, Montclair State University, Electro-Voice, RE20We continue our Microphone Month coverage by checking in with Anabella Poland, general manager of WMSC(FM).

The Montclair State University station in New Jersey keeps its microphone cage stocked with various models for specific purposes.

In the studio, it’s the reliable EV RE20. “They do a great job for broadcast radio even though they are not condenser microphones,” Poland said.

“For remote work most of my students primarily have Blue Snowball mics. They are fairly priced and do a decent job.”

WMSC, Montclair State University, Anabella Poland, Marantz MPM-1000UThey might pull out a Blue Bluebird for live performance recording applications such as over a drumset. For red carpet events the station uses Shure SM58 mics with its two Yellowtec iXM and one Zoom recorders.

At home Poland, shown, uses a Marantz Professional MPM-1000U. She said it “delivers high-quality audio recording directly into the computer as it is a USB microphone, and sometimes you just need that quick access for live shows and streaming.”

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