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Thank You for the Privilege

Your support and participation help make RW an award-winning publication

I’m pleased to share that for the second time in three years, Radio World has been chosen by our parent company Future plc as its “B2B Publication of the Year.” 

Given that RW only became part of Future in 2018, it’s huge to have won this honor again. My colleagues and I want to thank you for helping make that possible.

In the company conference call in December, I explained that the industry that Radio World covers is going through changes that are both wrenching and exciting. 

People who don’t work in media often ask, “Radio? isn’t that last century’s technology?”

Everyone reading this has heard the question. But business experts have been underestimating radio’s resilience and relevance since before Radio World itself was founded 46 years ago. The fact is that radio takes many forms today. As challenged as it can seem at times, our medium continues to evolve. 

You can find examples throughout our coverage, whether it’s iHeartMedia exploring the metaverse, or the director general of the BBC saying that the organization has to start thinking about when it will turn off all of its broadcast signals

So the very definition of radio continues to change. Radio World evolves with it — offering our popular ebooks, our daily newsletters, our print issues, online events and much more. Like radio itself we intend to remain resilient and relevant.

RW is driven internally by the outstanding work of John Casey, Raffaella Calabrese, Elle Kehres, Lisa McIntosh, Will Shum, Nicole Schilling, Nicole Cobban, Rob Crossland, Jamie Franc and Michele Fonville, with the crucial support of Carmel King. But none of us would be here without our valued advertisers and our treasured readers. Thank you for the privilege of working for you. 

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