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Frustrated by HD Radio

I have really tried to like this new broadcast medium

I have really tried to like this new broadcast medium. I cannot. The promotion is terrible; big yellow box stores claim you have to subscribe; and there is no hook to keep the ears on. The new medium shows promise, but falls flat because of technical and programming.

I have three HD Radio receivers, including the Radiosophy. All three are great analog radios, but suffer in the terrain of San Diego. Main reason: If listening to an HD2 station and you lose it, the mashup can tear your hair out as the radio falls back to the analog signal. I personally know consumers who have taken their car radio back because they believed the radio was broke. It is the technology.

There has to be a better mousetrap out there to hook radio listeners. Reading this has been a standard for nearly 10 years amazes me; it remains a mystery to the group that buys radios. A big #fail to the FCC and the company that pushes it.

Christopher Carmichael
Santee, Calif.