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Sasha, a rescued German shepherd, is Turi Ryder’s studio ‘go-fur’ but refuses to wear headphones. Ryder says Sasha asks, ‘Why? I can hear a squirrel at 300 yards.’

Thank you for including my Shebops Productions studio (and Sasha, my “go-fur”) in Radio World (“Call It Home Sweet Studio,” May 18).

I would like to present my two dear friends and patient broadcast engineers mentioned in the article with copies.

On a separate note, thank you so much for mentioning the passing of Al Resnick, who was our chief engineer at WLS. He was a lovely man, and it was comforting to see him well remembered by your professional publication.

Turi Ryder
San Francisco


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Building Studio, Working at Home

"If only I had my own home air studio," the overwrought host would think, "I could hop out of bed just a half-hour before showtime, pull some prep material off the Net and crack the mic while still in my jammies. Now that’s living."

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Maybe Food and the Studio <u>Can</u> Mix

Engineers at the Cox stations in Richmond, Va., found that it doesn't help to simply label a truck as engineering property. Promotions has their own, yet the engineering hand truck often went missing anyway — later found in the back of a remote van, down the hall in sales, locked in the prize closet, you know the routine. So the engineers took it a step further.