How to Fix AM

Freeze all broadcast bands at the current levels of population.
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Freeze all broadcast bands at the current levels of population.

Make a comprehensive plan to expand the FM band to go into the old TV channels.

Offer all broadcasters who own and operate non-powerhouse AM and FM stations a frequency in the "expanded spectrum." This would also include NCE stations. Work from the lowest power/facility stations up the ladder. If a broadcaster accepts this avenue, it would have to give up all other licenses and frequencies. One frequency, one owner. No more multiple-station-per-market situations. No more clusters. AM broadcasters would get first consideration.

The continual abuse by those who populate the bands with excessive translators fed by satellite must end. This should have never been allowed in the first place and it serves no one.

If done properly, this plan would give all owners a fair shot at the opportunity to broadcast, at a power level to be completely viable. We can once again have a robust and viable AM band that can serve a variety of audiences, complete with real fidelity.

Michael "Mike" Payne
Elkplain Broadcasting
Twin Falls, Idaho


How to Fix the AM Band

Forget HD Radio, forget moving AM broadcasters to a new FM expanded band, forget requiring satellite receivers to carry HD Radio, even forget the old AM stereo.