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Kickin’ Back With Siri

Warning! Lazy, hazy, crazy days approaching

The NAB convention in Las Vegas is past and summer is approaching — so for anyone suffering from “broadcast overdose,” here’s just a collection of fun links. We’ll start with a familiar voice (if you own an Apple product).

The Voice of Siri

Here’s a fun podcast to enjoy. This is an interview with Susan Bennett. You might know her better by her “technology name,” Siri! Susan is the voice of the lovable “Siri,” the “personal assistant” in Apple technology.

Woody Allen vs. Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed away in February of 2018. I stumbled across a very interesting interview from 1969 between, of all people, Woody Allen and Billy Graham. It’s an interesting “oil and water” interview, and quite entertaining.

Fun with Cinder Blocks

People who are venturing out of their parents’ “nest” for the first time (e.g. college students) know the virtues and joys of cinder blocks. When I stumbled across this web page, I laughed as I saw a couple of my own cinder block furnishings being shown. You can do a lot with a cinder block, except easily transport a car-load of the dang things! I think part of the reason cinder blocks are so good for young people kicking out on their own is because so many of us had building blocks growing up, and these are just an extension. If you have kids heading to college or leaving the next, you might share this link with them.

Edible Slime

I have a 13-year-old daughter that loves her “chemicals” and is the mad scientist of “slime.” She’s always mixing stuff together and sharing ideas. Of course, my wife monitors her “chemical creations.” Unlike myself at that age, at least she isn’t using charcoal, sulfur and the stuff that little boys find make smoke and loud noises! Here’s a link stuff you can make with Coke. Since this is using stuff like bleach, I have to put the gratuitous warning that messing with chemicals should be done with care and at your own risk.

Completely Goofy

If you are into “muscle cars” and cars that attract people, then run like heck AWAY from this link! If you are familiar with Little Tykes stuff, you probably have seen these little red cars that small kids can peddle around. Imagine taking one and turning into a car that could go 70 mph, and “full-size.” Oh nooooo, you won’t be finding a lot of dates, but you WILL be turning a lot of heads!


How many items have you seen that you know could be improved upon? Probably a lot! Nearly everything could be improved upon. But this article (which, by the way, mentions Nokola Tesla) is all about items that are darn near flawless and leave no room for improvement. See if you agree.

And finally …

I grew up in a small town in Ohio (Dover) and would go stay with my aunt and uncle who lived in nearby Sugarcreek. Sugarcreek is “the little Switzerland of Ohio.” The area is rich with farms, people of Swiss origin, and the center of Amish country in Ohio. It’s a unique area and an interesting way of life because it’s not quite “traditional.” In this area, cars share the road with horse and buggies. There are “cobblers” and blacksmiths. Even the architecture of Sugarcreek reflects Switzerland. I you’re looking for someplace different to visit, you might enjoy Sugarcreek.

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].