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More About IEEE BTS

This event is open to both members and non-members of the IEEE.

Thank you for including Randy Stine’s excellent article on the upcoming 60th IEEE Broadcast Symposium in the Sept. 1 edition of Radio World.

This event is open to both members and non-members of the IEEE, and if anyone is interested in attending, they should register early in order to get a reduced registration fee.

On Wednesday evening, Oct. 20, we have another reception in addition to the Manufacturers Reception; and the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers has its annual AFCCE Fall Social on Friday, Oct. 22 following the IEEE Broadcast Symposium.

Finally, as one of the organizers of this year’s symposium I would like to give particular thanks to the sponsors of the Manufacturers Reception. As of Sept. 10, the sponsors are Dielectric (host of the reception), DSI RF Systems, ERI, Harris, Jampro, Kintronic Labs, Myat, Shively and Stainless LLC.

Thomas B. Silliman, P.E.
Electronics Research Inc.
Chandler, Ind.