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No Interest in T1s

I honestly wished that Dave Corp were right.

I honestly wished that Dave Corp were right.

Ten years ago I would have agreed with him and actually did. I started making T1 Optelators, figuring that sales would be impressive in this area, just like my POTS Optelator. In 10 years, I have sold only 15 units. About a year ago, I quit making them because of the cost. No one asked or wanted the product because the popularity of T1 was an all-time low.

Engineers raved about those that I did sell. They had 5 inches of fiber optics to isolate the phone company side from your equipment. Obviously lightning could never damage your T1 system. The regular POTS Optelator is still going strong. When they go bad, they are cheap enough to repair after 5 years or more.

The T1 Optelator is the only product that I ever made that was actually perfect and never has to be repaired. I agree with everything that Dave said about T1, but I have to say in the AM/FM and TV industry they are a major flop for me. I don’t think I can make them cheap enough anymore unless someone put an order in for 50 or more units.

It was a dream that failed for us, even though the product was perfect.

John E. Pecore
Stormin Protection Products Inc.
St. Petersburg, Fla.

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