Not Too Narrow

One thing I really like is you are not tied 100 percent to broadcast-only writing.
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I just got done reading your editorial in the July 14 edition. While it’s certainly no secret I’ve not always agreed with everything Radio World has published, and not always agreed with you, I do think your publication is far better than any presently available.

One thing I really like about it is you are not tied 100 percent to broadcast-only writing. You put in regular articles about shortwave listening, ham radio and history.

If, as you claim, FCC staffers read RW, let me give them a big raspberry for allowing AM IBOC, and doing absolutely nothing about the complaints that have been filed over its raucous and intentional interference.

As you also know, I read with great interest all letters and columns written in Radio World, even the ones that drop to the level of name-calling in trying to persuade people to their side of an issue.

Jerry Arnold
Director of Engineering
Midwest Communications
Terre Haute, Ind.


Say No to 'Mike'

As a 60-year-plus broadcast content supplier who really enjoys RW, I'm 110 percent opposed to even the whispered idea that "one operator" should have control of an entire community's broadcast spectrum.

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After my presentation, chock-full of pictures showing how not to engineer sites, Clear Channel Charleston's Willie Bennett commented how much he enjoyed my "tree" pictures.