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Protect Your Brand

A few dollars in continuing ad space is a wise investment.

Paul McLane mentioned in the Oct. 22 issue that iBiquity “takes pains in spelling out how to use the trademarked phrase HD Radio” — for instance, using “HD Radio technology” instead of “HD Radio,” etc.

As a newspaper columnist and freelance writer, when I’m not doing my daily radio shift I run into company guidelines about all sorts of products. The leader, by far, is the Xerox Corp., which goes to great lengths and takes equally great pains to protect its nearly-generic name. One way it does this is to place running ads in writers’ magazines to point out that the word is protected.

NFL Enterprises Inc. is about to send its annual letter urging us to use “The Big Game” instead of its protected “Super Bowl” in connection with non-affiliated sponsors.

If iBiquity wants to make sure it keeps the reins on HD Radio, it would do well to spend a few dollars and place regular small ads in the various trade publications informing readers that while “HD Radio technology” is fine, “HD Radio” is not, unless it is iBiquity’s and is followed by the “tm” symbol.

A few dollars in continuing ad space is a wise investment.

Tom Carten
Assistant Faculty Advisor
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.