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Radio World Gets a New Look

Our pages are more open, our text is easier to follow.

With this issue, Radio World introduces a new look and touch. Our pages are more open, our text is easier to follow. Pictures and advertisements are brighter and fresher.

You’ll also notice our new paper. This coated stock is not only an improvement in appearance and feel but it is environmentally sound as well, made from 85 to 100 percent recycled content including a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer waste. Our publishers chose it in part for its brightness and excellent printability.

RW’s top-notch content — our news, columnists, tech tips, features, reader letters, everything you know and value about Radio World — remains the same.

Our goals are to provide the industry’s best readers with the best publication possible; and to offer our advertisers — whose support makes it possible for us to bring our award-winning content to you — with the best possible platform for their messages.

* * *

One change in particular was not made lightly: the retirement of the familiar classic RW logo.

I am as fond of it as many readers are and I’ll miss it. I estimate that I’ve overseen approximately 350 issues of Radio World and RW Engineering Extra since I started with this company; some version of that logo has been on every one.

But an image that served RW well in the late 1970s no longer does. The publishing team and I felt that our “young lady” — RW is only in her mid-30s, after all — deserves a look that reflects what we and the industry are becoming, not what we were 20 or 30 years ago.

This is particularly important when introducing RW to new readers and new advertisers, for whom our familiar retro logo wasn’t meaningful or could even be confusing.

Overall, these changes freshen RW’s visual presentation. They are consistent with other publications in the NewBay Media family. And they better reflect the evolving nature of radio and of communications media. I like the new look and hope that you will too.

Your thoughts? Write me and I’ll share them in print. I’m at [email protected].