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Readers Comment About Online Music Services

‘I guess Live365 is the great-granddaddy’

Live365 Predates Rhapsody

If Rhapsody is the “granddaddy of major music services” (“Don’t Hate the Player, Learn the Game,” July 17), then I guess Live365 is the great-granddaddy. I have been broadcasting through Live365 continuously since the late ’90s. The nice thing about it is that the channels are actually programmed by people like myself, and that gives each station a personal touch, not just random selections of music based on a few artists you may like.

Like the other services, they have a mobile app, but unlike most of the other services, there’s a wide selection of formats. On Live365, I broadcast Japanese popular music. I feel it’s time for people to rediscover this great music service:

Michi Eyre Bradley
REC Networks
Riverton, Md.

iHeart StreamS

I enjoyed your article in the July 17 issue regarding mobile players. I was a bit disappointed to see that Greg Ogonowski’s StreamS player and Clear Channels iHeart Player weren’t included. I know your article had the subscription slant and that probably justified the above missing.

However, in the case of StreamS, there are several hundred IP-only services that offer superior music channels. While iHeart is more commercial broadcast, it to offers some interesting choices in music and in many cases both the iHeart and StreamS apps offer superior audio. I think you’ll find StreamS to be heavily used by radio engineers because to the best of my knowledge it’s the only player that can receive, http, rtsp, rtp and rtmp streams.

Might be a good topic as a comparison. TuneIn and others are already using transcoding to make one stream fit all so the call for quality will become important as well.

John F. Schaab
North American Sales Manager
Denton, Texas

Ed. Note — James Careless’ roundup of digital subscription services inspired other readers to send in more ideas for what we should included. Here’s one reader comment online:

“I’d like to add another site to the list, it’s not as well-known so I thought I’d mention it because I think it’s great. Have you heard of Torch Music? It’s a free music streaming site (and app), I’ve been using it for a while now and I love it. I can create playlists with it and everything, it’s perfect!”

If there’s a new (or longstanding) player that we’ve missed in streaming radio, let us know you’d like to read a story on them. Write to [email protected].