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Letter: Please Stop Confusing EAS With HD Radio

A reader responds to the NRSC’s new guidelines for EAS implementation

In this letter to the editor, the author responds to our recently-published story “Inside the NRSC’s New Guidelines for EAS Implementation.” Radio World invites industry-oriented commentaries and responses. Send to Radio World.

Your ink on the “team” of corporate guys mulling over the EAS and how to make HD tech part of it shows how desperate the Radio HD proponents are to get included or required in upcoming changes.

The only problem with the EAS is a widespread lack of trained operators at (broadcasters’) origination points and stations that won’t let the engineers program the system to auto-forward tornado alerts in real-time and want the DJs or automation system to play the commercials at a higher priority than the life-saving warning messages from the weather service.

We don’t need new event codes. The original codes covered just about anything. Any new hardware requirements should be underwritten in cost by the lawmakers who are so well supported with advertising at election time.

I think it is time to turn off the HD jamming signals, play the Tornado Warnings in real-time and put the advertising on hold until after the emergency passes!

– Brad Johnson

Community broadcaster (Ko6kL) and 20-year town council member

Salida, Calif.

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