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Take Advantage of Us … Please!

Make sure you are getting the most out of your relationship with RW

All the world’s a’Twitter. Allow me, as summer days wind down to a precious few, to spend a moment on in-house business. I’d like to make sure that you, dear reader of Radio World, are taking full advantage of us.

The RW editorial team prepares content for delivery via a variety of media (or, to apply the words of the great ZZ Top, “Cause we bad, we nationwide. Yeah we bad, we nationwide …”)

While some of our published information overlaps, a great deal of it does not; perhaps you’re only seeing part of it. So here’s an overview of how to make best use of the information RW provides for you, virtually all of it free courtesy of our outstanding advertisers.

Radio World NewsBytes — Our editorial team reports on tech, regulatory and radio business developments in this emailed newsletter. Anyone may receive it at no charge. Radio World NewsBytes is emailed four times per week. Much of its brief, breezy content is intended only to be read at the moment and will not appear in print. News of the day, new hires, new products, a sampling from the print issue and so forth.

Radio World International NewsBytes delivers weekly. Noticiero de Radio World América Latina, “en español,” is twice per month.

Radio World — You are likely already a subscriber; but if you are not, please know that radio broadcast managers and engineers qualify to receive RW free. Radio World has been serving our market for 35 years, no other radio-only technical resource comes close. Use RW to gain a deeper understanding of the news and trends you see mentioned in NewsBytes and discussed around the biz.

Our U.S. edition is published 26 issues per year, plus special supplements and an annual Source Book & Directory; you can read it in print or via online digital edition. Readers in Central and South America can receive Radio World América Latina, monthly, with content in Spanish and Portuguese. (Its editor Rogelio Ocampo assures me he hasn’t published anything too outrageous; I generally have to take his word for it.)

Parlez-vous français? If you live in France, sign up for Radio World Edition Francophone, mailed six times a year. And Radio World International edition, serving basically the rest of the world, is monthly plus a directory. Marguerite Clark has the enviable task of slaving over those two publications while based in Paris.

Sign up for the appropriate version at

Radio World Engineering Extra — What could be better than RW? More RW, more in depth! Free to broadcast engineers working in the United States, this comes six times a year and is headed by Technical Editor Michael LeClair (who I still think looks like David Brooks). It features in-depth technical articles, standards discussions, interviews with engineering newsmakers and articles by industry manufacturers spilling black ink in white papers that describe the red-hot science behind their innovations. If you are an engineer and not getting this, you should. Visit — Visit the website to find featured articles not only from the editions mentioned above, but also unique content, the Radio World blog and breaking news. The site is divided by type of content: News & Technology, Columns, Views, Business, Awards and Video, plus a Resources section with an events calendar, subscription information and links to our webinars as well as recent digital editions.

Even if you read RW regularly, it’s enlightening to browse sections like Tech Tips, Milestones, Roots of Radio and Workbench. You’ll find a remarkable amount of educational and historical information there. I keep telling the company we oughta turn it all into a book.

(Two best-kept RW secrets: You can search past issues of the U.S. edition of RW from within any digital edition, thus putting your hands quickly on that story you simply know you read at some point but can’t put your hands on. Also, you can find Spanish-language radio news, again from those sneaky editors of Radio World América Latina; look under RW Noticieros, via the website’s News & Technology tab.)

Social — Catch up with news by and about Radio World on our Facebook page. Or glom onto us via Twitter @radioworld_news. We’ll share bits of the best of today’s news plus musings. You gotta love musings.

Story Toolbar — You can subscribe to our RSS feed and know right away when stories are posted. Or if you see a story you like on our website (surely it happens once in a while), you can do a bunch of cool stuff with it. Check out the “Story Toolbar.” You can print that story or copy the content for forwarding. You can like the story via Facebook, Tweet it or share it via LinkedIn or one of any number of services with odd names and cool little icons (Fashiolista, Google+ or Mr. Wong, anyone?).

So, like radio, RW is becoming a multiplatform, multi-channel suit full of swagger. “With my New York brim and my gold tooth displayed … Nobody give me trouble cause they know I got it made. I’m bad, I’m nationwide.” (Sometimes, you just need a little ’ol band from Texas.)

How else might we serve you? Let me know at [email protected]. Or post a comment on the website. Or on Facebook. Or Twitter. Morse? Shortwave? Carrier pigeon anyone? Hmmm.